Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today is a new day. Today is sabbath. I am at rest. I am at greater peace with my family and myself. I can do nothing. I feel allowed to do nothing. I love. I am aware. It is autumn. This new season is different. The crispness in the air. Finality. Things are wrapping up. Why is this peace-giving? Cozy. Intimate. It is not boastful, it is not proud. Inviting me contemplative, deep place. A deep breath. Time slows down. From rich earth tones to bright flashy hues - none try to impress. They are just saying goodbye with one final glory. This winding down, saying goodbye, signs of death - demonstrates that all will fade and fall and die and be reborn and on and on. Seed of light and life hide away for now in fertile soul. Snuggle deep into this season of divine grace. It will come. All will come, and fade, and fall and on and on.

a poem

Healing. I try to step around
All my broken places
Like cracks in the ground
Speeding up my paces

Stop, come forward, wait
Is healing possible?
After all these games too late?
Will I play the fool?

Trust, stretch out my withered hand
Hope for hidden wholeness. Stand
Within, emerging like a seed
Unbounded, undivided, freed

But wait, tomorrow's self
Awakes to find this withered hand
Quickly slid into my pocket
Wholeness, my castle melts like sand

Come forward. Stretch out your hand.

New Sermon Series

I started my first ever sermon series as a pastor.

Thinking about the various images or metaphors used to describe the Spirit I am wowed by the fascinating, mysterious and even opposing images used in the New Testament. Is the Spirit like fire or water? If it is like water, are we filled by it, or dunked into it? Or is the spirit more like wine than water? Ephesians 5:17-19. How is the Spirit like breath, wind, money, fruit, a tutor, a counselor ? (All New Testament images)