Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Randomizing My Life

You know that shuffle mode on your iPod (or if your cheap like me -Sandisk MP3 player). At first I didn't get it. I want to listen to the songs I want to listen to when I want to listen to them. Right? The iPod Shuffle made no sense to me. But I've come around. I actually like using the shuffle mode. I like to hear a song and go, oh yeah, I forgot how much I like this band. Even within my own private collection of music I am generally a snob. And so the shuffle helps me to overcome my snobbery.

In my experiment of trying to really be awakened and aware of the God who is already there, I came across this quote:

"What is familiar is not known." -Hegel

What does that mean anyway? I thought about how when I am on a trip, my senses are alive to the world around me. I am open to beauty. I take interest in the people I meet. I look into their eyes. Why? I think it has something to do with my snobbery and general lack of curiosity for what is familiar. Rut, routine, rhythm - call it what you will. Autopilot, the great enemy of awareness.

So, I have compiled (and borrowed) a list of ways to randomize my life and avoid choice snobbery.

10. Go to a second hand store and not leave until I've purchased something for a friend.
9. Go to the movie theater and tell the cashier I'll buy a ticket for the next movie showing.
8. Ask my waitress what her favorite meal is on the menu, and order that.
7. Take a half a day and just start driving. No plans. Just go.
6. Dedicate a day to one of my five sense. Smell day. Touch Day. Sound day. Sight day. Taste day.
5. Always be reading a book that is older than I am.
4. When strangers, acquaintances and friends ask, how are you doing today, give them a real answer. Fill them in.
3. Have a "kid's choice" day, where my kids decide what we do, watch, eat, etc.
2. Call someone by scrolling through my contact list and then randomly stopping. 
1. Pause often and intermittently. Breath. Take inventory of what and who is around me. Ask God, how are speaking to me right now?

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